It was very nice- Kim did a thorough job conducting my hearing exam - it was a very good experience!
Paul Camfield, on Google
The staff was beyond amazing, they helped me with my unique situation and throughly broke down my results. I’d honestly would recommend to anyone who wants a professional experience with their hearing. Jillian was 10/10!
Joseph Davis, on Google
My Willoughby appt left me feeling kind of empowered...that sounds weird but when I got there I thought to myself "why am I even here? I hear just fine." But then I watched the video and Jillian explained my test results, it gave me a great feeling of satisfaction that I did not waste my time here, that I learned a little bit more about me and about how undiagnosed hearing loss can lead to dementia and alzheimers. I thought I was feeling isolated because I wasnt hearing well. My hearing is fine. It's the grief of losing both parents, not a loss of hearing that's isolating me. I was so glad I came!
Priscilla Soumokil Rose, on Google

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